Jones Hill State School will be providing parents with access to a new, convenient, online parent portal called QParents.
The QParents web and mobile application provides an easier way for you to interact with our school. Parents will have secure, online access to their child’s student information, anytime, anywhere, through a smartphone, tablet or computer.
QParents allows parents to connect instantly with our school to access and manage their child’s student information, including:
  • Attendance and absence details, as well as the ability to notify the school of an absence
  • Behaviour information
  • Academic report cards
  • Viewing unpaid invoice details, payment history, and making payments online
  • Viewing and updating personal student details, including medical conditions and address
·         Enrolment details
QParents will assist both staff and parents in sharing and responding to information in an efficient and effective way.
It won’t replace the traditional ways you communicate with our school, but it will provide another way to communicate with us!
The benefits of QParents
Convenience and time savings for parents
Ø  Parents can view or update their child’s details without having to contact the school.
Ø  Secure 24/7 online access.
Ø  Available anytime, anywhere — access QParents on your smart phone, tablet or computer.
Greater transparency of information
Ø  Improves accountability between parents and schools by providing parents with timely access to their child’s information online.
Ø  Allows parents to engage more deeply in their child’s schooling.
Improved administration efficiencies for schools
Ø  Allows schools to streamline their administrative processes and cut down on printing.
What do you need to do to get started?
On Wednesday 23 August we sent out letters inviting one parent or guardian for each student to become a QParents Account Owner (QPAO). The QPAO will be able to register for QParents to access and manage the student’s information online. A student’s QPAO will be able to view the student’s information and submit requests to update some of the student’s details.
The QPAO will also be able to invite other people (such as another parent or family member), to view the student’s information.  Please return this form as soon as possible.
Once invited, these people can register for QParents as “delegated viewers”. A delegated viewer can see the student’s details, but cannot make updates.
Invitations will be sent Wednesday 7 SeptemberWhen you receive your invitation email or letter, simply follow the instructions to register your QParents account. The process should take less than 10 minutes to complete. Invitations sent by email will only ever come from You will not be invited to register from any other email address or organisation.
If you do no not want to register you can just ignore the invitation and your child’s student information will not be available to anyone through QParents.
Please click the link  to watch an introductory video forQParents.
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Last reviewed 10 May 2019
Last updated 10 May 2019